Mercy High School’s Four-Year Retreat Program

Campus Ministry offers a four-year retreat program. We offer a different retreat for each grade level with the hope that after four years the students will have a better understanding of herself, her relationship with others, and most especially her relationship with God. 

“The Specific aim of catechesis is to develop, with God’s help initial faith… and to nourish day by day the Christian life of the faithful…” - Pope John Paul II on Cathechesis in Our Time

Freshwomen Retreat

The entire freshman class joins together for a required retreat held held on campus for a full day in August during Freshman Welcome Orientation Days. The girls experience several way in which they can recognize their own God given gifts and talents. Throughout the presentation the freshmen have the opportunity to begin to look at how they might use their gifts and talents for the greater glory of God.

Sophomore Retreat

Understanding why as Christians we are called to serve is the goal of Sophomore Retreat which is held off campus at Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston. The day begins with the sophomores getting to know one another better and talking about the service requirement here at Mercy. The rest of the day is filled with interacting with speakers with both local and international charity experience.  Besides doing a collection or service project on this specific day, students discuss and discover the meaning of service. 

Junior Retreat

With the theme of Finding God in All Things, the Juniors are called during this retreat to look at life through a different lens, a lens that focuses on God. They are called to look at the people places and things in their lives and examine how God is at work in each event. Whether the event is a good one or a bad one God is there to teach us and guide us. We explore different ways for the students to find God. In themselves, their friends, their family, through prayer and even through silence. It all comes together through talks/presentations, large and small group discussions, silent reflection, speakers, creative art expression, silence, prayer and various other activities the students come to see God in each and in their own unique blend of abilities and talents. This retreat is held once a year off campus at Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston and is mandatory for all Juniors

Senior Retreat

The culmination of the retreat program at Mercy is the KAIROS retreat that is offered three times a year. Over the three and a half day period the students have the opportunity to deepen their personal relationship with God in the person of Christ. 

This process is done through prayer, reflecting on how God is at work in one’s life experiences, small group discussion and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. This student led retreat offers an opportunity to deepen the students relationship with God and others.

Mercy holds their overnight retreats (Senior Kairos) at St. Paul of the Cross in Detroit, MI.

If you have any questions about the Campus Ministry Department at Mercy High School, please feel free to contact the team office to speak to one of the campus ministers.