The Service Program of Mercy High School stresses Christian Service to the school and the greater community. Students are encouraged to help others in need. Our volunteer program promotes the school’s philosophy of learning to care and serve, and how to put our Mercy Values into action. How to be the Hands of God to one another! How to be a Woman Who Makes a Difference!

Below you will find the 2 different aspects of our Service Program. Please note that 40 hours from the MCAP category are required for graduation. If you do not see the service that you plan to perform listed below, check with Mrs. Dennis in Campus Ministry for review and approval of your plans prior to completing your service. 

Mercy Volunteer Service Program (MVSP) not included in graduation requirement

  • Teacher’s Aide at Mercy
  • Tutoring a Fellow Mercy Student
  • Mercy Library Media Center Aide
  • Mercy Advancement Office Aide
  • Mercy Alumnae Office Aide
  • Mercy Admissions Department Aide
  • Mercy Athletic Office Aide
  • Mercy Administration Aide
  • Volunteering at a country club, any private “For-Profit” club or dance studio
  • Volunteering for any “for-profit” company, or institution
  • Coaches assistant or sporting event worker at an all-boys high school – in ANY sport
  • Political Campaigns
  • Special Events at Mercy - Auction; Open House; Mercy Link Crew; Campus Ministry Donation Drives; Special Events

Mercy Community Service Program (MCAP)* Community Volunteering

40 Hour Graduation Requirement

  • Health Care
    • Hospice (patient care not office help)
    • Hospitals or Doctor’s Office (patient care not office help)
    • Nursing Care (patient care not office help)
    • Patient Services
  • Education
    • Tutoring – other than a fellow Mercy student (outside of Mercy)
    • Teacher’s Aide (outside of Mercy)
  • Parish Community
    • Worship/Liturgy (preparation and training)
    • Altar server
    • Eucharistic Minister
    • Lector
    • Choir
  • Religious Education
    • Teachers – (If Catholic you must be a confirmed)
    • Teacher’s Aide
    • Vacation Bible School
  • Parish / Church Special Events
    • Festivals
    • Dances
    • Food Drives
  • Serving the Poor and Needy
    • Mission Trips - Habitat for Humanity; Rebuild Projects; Overseas or out of the country work (hours worked, not travel or sleep time)
    • Soup Kitchens
    • Community Outreach Programs - Summer in the City; PB & J Ministry
  • Young People
    • CYO Catholic Youth Organization - Rainbow Youth Council; Boys and/or Girls Camp Volunteer; Sports Teams Coach or Asst Coach
    • Camp Volunteer (example CYO Camp or Spring Hill)
    • Day Care Volunteer
    • Coaching Youth Sports Programs - Excluded: coaching at “for profit” schools/clubs/academies and coach asst at all-boys high school
  • Senior Citizens (non-family)
    • Nursing Homes
    • Helping in and around their homes - Cleaning; yard work; grocery shopping
    • Driving a Senior Citizen to an appointment

Please note the 3 hours worked on Mercy Make a Difference Day each year ARE* MCAP Hours. *Exception - If you do not attend school on Make a Difference Day the hours will still need to be completed in school and will not be counted in the MCAP category.

*Service Requirements for Graduation (MCAP):

2 components of MCAP Service will be required of all students for graduation. See details below.


40 hrs volunteer MCAP service required over your 4 years here at Mercy (please refer to above lists).

MCAP community student volunteer service outside Mercy High School through an agency, church, community center, hospital, etc. is to be supervised, work evaluated and a completed Individual Service Form signed by your project supervisor. If you are not sure, ask

Components of Mercy Community Action Program:

The MCAP service experience itself – with supervisor signed back-up paperwork.

A Reflection Paper describing the experience and what the student has learned from it. (Guidelines for the paper are available from Mrs. Dennis in Campus Ministry or listed below.


  1. Students are encouraged to meet with the Service Coordinator during their off time at some point prior to the 2nd semester of their Junior (11th) year.
  2. Students are encouraged to make their own arrangements for service opportunities with the assistance of their parents, through their youth groups, churches and other connections. If you need further assistance in finding a service opportunity, guidance will be given by the Service Coordinator. Also, see postings via email or morning announcements.
  3. The service requirement may be accomplished at any time after your graduation from 8th grade and the original 40 hours will be accepted until the first Friday of March of your senior year.
  4. Senior MCAP Reflection Papers are to be e-mailed to Mrs. Dennis at also prior to the first Friday of March of her senior year. No sooner than August of senior year.
  5. Both components of the MCAP program MUST be completed by the first Friday of March the student’s senior year. Graduation tickets will be held until completed and potential holds placed on diplomas.

NOTE: Students who turn in service hours above and beyond the graduation requirement, will be given service credit for each hour volunteered. These service credits will be accumulated over the years that the student is at Mercy and will be recorded on the student’s official final transcript.


Individual Service Record: Each time a student does volunteer service for one hour or more, she may fill out an Individual Service Record Form, have it signed by the supervisor of the service and return it to Mrs. Dennis in Pastoral Team

Individual Service Record for Reoccurring Service: In the event that a student works for the same organization repeatedly over the course of a school term she may use this form.

Group Service Record: Staff/Students may use the group record form to record the service for a group of students that work on the same project. Students/Staff would list the students on the form with their corresponding hours. Please include graduation year for each student listed.

Reflection Paper: Guidelines available to download or hard copy available in Pastoral Team.

All service record sheets must be signed by your service supervisor or they will not be accepted. Site Supervisor CANNOT BE YOUR PARENT UNLESS PRIOR APPROVAL GIVEN BY MRS.DENNIS. Service Awards are given each year at Honors Convocation to students who have given, 100, 200-499 and 500 – 999 and 1000 or more hours of service. Award hours can be any combination of MVSP and MCAP.