Meet the Mercy High School Michigan Board of Trustees

Mercy High School is proud to have a dedicated and diverse Board of Trustees who are committed to upholding the tradition and mission of Mercy. These leaders bring years of expertise and volunteer their time to ensure a high quality Catholic eduation for our young women now and in the years to come.

Dave Hall
Cheryl Delaney Kreger, Ed.D. '66
President of Mercy High School
Sharad P. Jain
Chair Elect
Brigid Johnson, RSM
Humphrey O. Atiemo, M.D.
Nancy Auffenberg
Somersette Black '01
Margaret Dimond, Ph.D. '76
Luanne Thomas Ewald '87
Susan Hartmus Hiser
Karla Middlebrooks '76
Andrew B. Lytle
Dave Maroun
Virginia Minolli '82
Sharon Sanderson
Cheryl Law Sawicki '90
Anita Sevier
Aaron Sikora
Paul E. Swanson
Rita Marie Valade, RSM `72
Board Support Staff
Patricia Sattler - Principal
Colleen M. McMaster ’81 - Associate Principal Academic Affairs
Eleasha Mercer Tarplin ’94 - Dean of Student Affairs
Maria Siciliano Mueller - Director of Finance
Maureen Stirling Duncan ’96 - Director of Advancement
Gina DeAgostino Gray '91 - Director of Advancement
Gary Bank - Campus Site Manager
Traci L. Smith - Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Brandon Malinowski - Athletic Director
Mary Kate Becker - Director of Ministry & Catholic Identity
Dr. Alison Kline-Kator '97 - Director of Mission Integration
Holly Markiecki-Bennetts - Director of Faith in Action