Whatever be the station women are destined to fill, their example and advice will always possess influence.
The Venerable Catherine McAuley
Mercy High School invites all parents of a Mercy graduate to honor or remember your daughter(s) with a special tribute in the Mercy Alumnae 2022 Brag Book! This is your opportunity to share with the Mercy community all that your daughter has accomplished and the ways she is making a difference in the world. We understand it can be hard for our alumnae to provide updates about their own life, yet we hope you will take the time to brag for them! This a great way to express your love for your daughter and to support a Mercy Catholic education at the same time. Gifts of any size are welcome.
The Mercy Alumnae Brag Book will released digitally on the Mercy website and social media channels, as well as included in part, in the 2022 MOSAIC Magazine. Submissions will be accepted for the 2022 Book through June 30, 2022.
For further information, contact the Advancement Office at advancement@mhsmi.org or call 248-893-3538
Advancement Office