Please take a moment to read the following guidelines on using the cafeteria this 2020-21 school year.
How do I purchase lunch from the Cafeteria?  
  • The Mercy Cafe has been split into 2 identical cafeterias. 
  • Both cafeteria sides will serve EXACTLY THE SAME ITEMS, so you only need to go to one side
  • Purchase your lunch items prior to 4th hour lunch, before school or during passing time
    • Before school from 7:30am - 8:00am
    • During passing time between 1st/2nd hour, 2nd/3rd hour, 3rd/4th hour
  • The cafeteria will be closed from 12pm to the end of the day
  • One side of the cafeteria will open from 2:35pm - 2:50 for after school snacks
What are my payment options this year? 
  • For a touchless experience, please consider loading money to your ID card amount. - see attached information regarding this process
  • Will continue to accept cash
  • Incentives are offered 2 times a year
  • LOADING CARDS - ID cards will be loaded BEFORE and AFTER school only.  
  • Please write your ID number on any checks or envelopes you bring in
How Do I Navigate the Cafeteria?
  • Each cafeteria side will have a designated ENTER and EXIT door, please follow all arrows and maintain social distance
  • Have your loaded ID card or cash ready for quick check out 
  • When it's your turn to grab your lunch items, please be quick but do not crowd the person in front of you, maintain your social distance
  • Continue to the register to pay for your food.  
  • Silverware, napkins and lunch sacs will be available next to the register