Each class wears the same color kilt or pants for two years. Freshmen and sophomores wear plaid patterns, juniors and seniors wear solid colors. All pants are solid colors. Mercy uniform attire is available for purchase exclusively from Educational Outfitters. Pants only may also be purchased from Schoolbelles. All grades wear banded white or maroon polo tops (short or long sleeve), banded white blouses (short or long sleeve), and black sweaters (cardigan, v-neck or vest). Everyone is encouraged to go to Educational Outfitters for fitting and purchasing. Only black sweaters purchased from Educational Outfitters, black quarter-zips purchased from the Marlin Shop and Mercy Varsity letter sweaters may be worn in addition to the required uniform blouse or polo and kilt or pants (not in place of the blouse or polo). 
  • Class of 2024 - grey kilt or pants
  • Class of 2025 - black kilt or pants
  • Class of 2026 - blue plaid kilt or khaki pants
  • Class of 2027 - green plaid kilt or navy pants
23317 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington, MI 48336
Offers two styles of pant which must be purchased in-store or by phone.
Schoolbelles (Pants Only)
42073 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187
(734) 983-0280
Offers at least 4 styles including a ponte pant.
Purchase in-store or online with school code: S2983.
Mercy Marlin Shop
The uniform quarter zip will be available for purchase online here and in the Marlin Shop. The Marlin Shop also carries white, maroon, black short sleeve polos.
Please note kilts should be worn no more than two inches above the knee. Any student who permanently shortens her uniform skirt to an unacceptable length will be required to purchase a new skirt.

The Mercy uniform consists of:

  • the uniform skirt or pants (color is grade specific)
  • a blouse or polo
  • socks, footed tights or leggings underneath the uniform skirt: solid black, dark green, gray, maroon, navy or white - sweatpants or pajama pants may not be worn underneath the uniform skirt
  • Mercy ID/lanyard worn around neck at all times while in the building
  • optional uniform items are black cardigan, V-neck or vest sweaters, black quarter-zip sweatshirts or Mercy Varsity letter sweaters worn in addition to the uniform blouse or polo (not in place of the blouse or polo)

Alterations: Skirts should be worn no more than two inches above the knee. Any student who permanently shortens their uniform skirt to an unacceptable length will be required to let out the hem or purchase a new skirt.

Accessories: Accessories to the uniform, including but not limited to hats, are not allowed. Any garment worn under the uniform blouse may not be visible; this includes sports bras. A long-sleeve, white or black only top may be worn under the uniform blouse or polo.

Coats: Coats and jackets may not be worn in school at all during the school day. If coats or jackets are left unattended anywhere in the building, they may be taken by school personnel and claimed at the Reception Area by the student.

Shoes: Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel. Mule, slide and slipper type shoes may not be worn. Boots may be worn only during the months of November – March (subject to be adjusted with inclement weather). No Birkenstock clogs, Crocs, UGG slippers. Examples of appropriate shoes for the 2023-24 school year are: sneakers, loafers, mary janes, oxfords, boat shoes/Sperry.

Special Dress Days: Special dress days for holidays, liturgies (when announced) or other special events should be viewed as dress-up days rather than dress-down days. On a student’s birthday, they may also dress in Special Dress Day attire; a birthday sticker must be picked up from the Reception Area at the beginning of the day and visibly worn all day. Attire must be appropriate for school. It is inappropriate to expose cleavage, mid-section, or hips. Ripped clothing, jeans, pajama pants, sweatpants, casual shorts, camis and strapless tops are not allowed. Dress shorts may be worn long as long as they are fingertip length or longer. Leggings or yoga pants may not be worn as stand-alone pants, only as an accessory to a dress or skirt. If this policy is violated the student will be given a uniform to wear for the day and will receive one detention.

Spirit Attire Days: One day each month (usually the first Friday) will be designated Mercy Spirit Attire Day. On these days students will be permitted to wear a Mercy shirt. Mercy accessories (hats, scarves, etc.) are also allowed. Students must be in uniform on the bottom (uniform skirt/pants, leg wear and shoes).