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October 2021

Conditioning, Tryouts and Basketball Before and During Christmas Break

  • There will be basketball conditioning on the following dates/times:

October 26            6:00-8:00pm

October 28            6:00-8:00pm

November 1          TBD

November 4          6:00-8:00pm

If you have not yet registered (students received an email from Ms. Scalzi), please do so. Also, make sure that you have a physical on file before conditioning and tryouts.

FYI…our teams have the following preseason scrimmages:

November 20    Varsity at the Legacy Center (morning)

November 20    JV at Belleville (afternoon)

November 24    Varsity and JV at Northville (late afternoon/early evening)

November 24     F at Mercy (late afternoon/early evening)

  • Tryouts begin November 8 and will last at least three days. Times for tryouts will depend on whether or not volleyball is still competing in the state tournament, but will be sometime between 3:00-9:30pm.

All three teams play Friday, December 10, at Brighton. Final exam week is December 13, with regular classes on December 13-14 and final exams December 15-17. There will be no practice for any of our teams on December 11-12. Each team will decide its practice schedule for the week of December 13. For example, the Varsity team will likely practice December 13, 16 and 18. All three teams play at Shrine on December 21 and all three teams will have a scrimmage December 28 or 29. All three teams play our first league game on January 4, at Lutheran North.

  • The reality is we aren’t able to take too many days off over Christmas break, given our game schedule. Here is the likely Varsity schedule (the JV and F schedules will be similar):

12/18 Practice

12/19 Off

12/20 Practice

12/21 Game at Shrine

12/22-12/23 Practice

12/24-12/26 Off (Merry Christmas!!)

12/27 Practice

12/28-12/29 Practice one day and scrimmage the other

12/30, 12/31 Off

1/1, 1/2 Practice one day and off the other. If we get permission to practice 1/2, we will practice that day and be off 1/1. If we don’t get permission, then we will practice 1/1 and be off 1/2.

1/3 Practice

1/4 Game at Lutheran North

We will again host our CYO Christmas Classic. It will last for three days, most likely December 27-29.

Any questions contact Coach Gary Morris at

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