Book Purchasing & Selling

Once your daughter obtains her 2016-2017 schedule through PowerSchool, you’re ready to purchase her books for the upcoming school year! Our Mercy staff has worked hard to provide a comprehensive list of books that are needed for your daughter’s classes for the 2016-2017 school year. All the information you need to make your daughter’s book purchases, including any digital options, is reflected on the Mercy Master Book List (MMBL), your daughter’s web based go-to-resource list! The MMBL is a live link reflecting updates automatically.

To help facilitate your daughter’s book purchases for this year, click on the MMBL and you’ll notice each department is tabbed separately at the top. Once the MMBL is opened, bookmark or create a shortcut app on your iPad for easy reference. Refer to your daughter’s schedule to find her teachers and courses to begin locating the various book needed as well as options available (Book, iBook, ePub). The MMBL lists pertinent Teacher Comments which provide specific directions or book options for your daughter to consider.

You’ll notice your daughter’s schedule is very minimal compared to what’s contained on the MMBL. Since departments are not listed on her schedule, for example, click on the Social Studies tab on the top of the MMBL to find World History. Scroll to the course name and course number, then teacher. The rest of the course info with the specific book ISBN and Teacher Comments are to direct or assist in your daughter’s book purchasing needs. If there’s a digital format book option listed (iBook, downloadable) that’s for you to discuss and select what would work best for her. Some students choose both, digital & hardbound text, that’s why an ISBN is listed. There are no books needed for Art or Performing Art, and where specifically stated on the MMBL.

For your book purchasing convenience, Follett’s Virtual Bookstore (FVB) is hyperlinked on the MMBL. Follett continues to partner with Mercy, offering a one-stop-shop and free shipping on textbooks ordered through Follett's Virtual Bookstore (FVB) from August 9th - August 23. Follett also offers an additional 10% off on books purchased from August 9th - August 12th!

Since every Mercy girl will have an iPad to facilitate her digital learning, consider  other digital formats in lieu of a hardbound textbook, It’s truly a matter of preference, however, we really hope students take advantage of the many digital book options that are now available across the discipline. Know that Mercy teachers will accept any of the book formats listed on the MMBL (Book, iBook or both) when she arrives for school in August. It’s important to review format options that are available on the MMBL and discuss what’s best suited for your daughter when considering your purchases. If you are experiencing problems purchasing books according to the information listed on the MMBL, please email the appropriate Dept. Chair with your specific question:









For any parents or students that are interested in selling their used books online, go to FVB, scroll down and click on Sell Books. Follett's Book Buyback program is easy to use, providing free shipping. If terms of Book Buyback are followed, a check will be mailed within 7 days of receipt. There are FAQ's that parents can avail themselves to which answer the most frequently asked questions. Of course, used books have more buyback value if they are relatively new and in good condition (annotations are accepted just not excessive).