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MVT @ Walled Lake: 3/29/2017 Results

From Coach Risdon:

Congrats MVT Players,

I was very impressed with our victory yesterday against Walled Lake.  We played with focus and determination.  

Natalie fought hard in her 3 set loss to a very good player. 6-2 2-6 2-6.

Jacqueline wasnt feeling well and had to default.

Krissy played for 3 hours and struggled with a back injury and lost 5-7 7-5 5-7.

Nicole had a good win 6-1 6-2.

Abby and Carly played took control of the match and won 6-3 6-3.

Emmie and Amanda dominated and won 6-1 6-0.

2017 Tennis Try-Outs

Mercy Varsity Tennis Tryout Schedule
For all tennis players interested in trying out for the Mercy Varsity Tennis Team it is mandatory that you attend the following tryouts.
  • Practices will be held indoors the first week.
  • Players are required to bring $30 the first day to cover the cost of the indoor courts.
    • Additional fees for indoor courts may be requested. Times may be added if additional courtsbecome available. Coach Robbie will make the announcement at the tryouts.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early.

MVT Schedule for the week of 5/30/2016

Hi Mercy Varsity PTennis Players,
I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day.  I know you are all very busy preparing for finals. I decided to shorten practice to give you time to study.  
Tuesday, May 31
Practice 3-4 pm
Wednesday, June 1
Practice 11:45 am -1:15 pm  
Thursday, June 2
  • Bus leaves at 1:00 pm from Mercy
  • Stop off at Red Robin for lunch
  • Go directly to Midland Tennis Center 5-6 pm to practice
  • Check in at H Hotel 
  • Dinner 7-9 pm

MVT @ MHSAA Regionals: 5/20/1016 Results

MVT wins Regionals!
From Coach Risdon:
Hi Mercy Varsity Tennis Team,
Congratulations on your success at Regionals. Everyone played with great focus and effort.
I want to commend all the players on displaying great sportsmanship. You proudly represented Mercy by playing fairly and respecting your opponents.

MVT Schedule: 5/23-5/26/2016

From Coach Risdon:
Hi Mercy Varsity Tennis Players,
Here is the schedule for next week.  Skyline has cancelled the Wed match.
Monday 5/23
No practice: Catch up with your studies
Tuesday 5/24
Practice 3:15-5:15 pm
Wednesday 5/25 
Home match with Greenhills
warm up 3:30 pm
Thursday 5/26
Practice 3:15-5:15 pm
Enjoy the long weekend.  The next practice will be Tuesday, May 31.

MVT Seeded in All Flights at 2016 MHSAA Regionals

From Coach Risdon:
Congrats on getting seeded at all flights!
  • Kathryn Dunleavy 2nd seed
  • Bridgette Conniff 1st seed
  • Natalie Zielinski 1st seed
  • Krissy Jackson 1st seed


  • Abby Bush and Sarah Hinrichs 1st seed
  • Jacqueline Hijaouy and Carly Demkowicz 1st seed
  • Emily McCann and Nicole Meek 1st seed
  • Chanel Taylor and Ashely D'Souza 1st seed

JV Schedule: 5/16-5/20-2016

From Coach Risdon:
Hi JV Players,
Here is the schedule for the week.  Unfortunately Salem cancelled the match for Tuesday.
Monday, May 16
No Practice 
Varsity has a home match
Tuesday, May 17
Practice 3:15-5 pm
Wednesday, May 18
Practice 3:15-5 pm
Thursday, May 19
Practice 3:15-5 pm
Friday, May 20