Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting

From Coach Gable: Due to the current weather pattern, I've decided to move forward with the returning skiers. I will set a January date for tryouts & notify all skiers interested in joining the Team. We will have our mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting for all returning skiers.
Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting
Mercy / Catholic Central Ski Teams
Date: Thursday, Dec 10th
Time: 6:30-7:45pm
  1. All required school participation forms to be signed 
  2. Season scheduling
  3. Team fees
  4. Parent sign-up Varsity meets
  5. All Day meets – Volunteers
Fund Raiser immediately following meeting, selling:
  •     Previous ski team logo soft wear
  •     Limited # of retired uniform jackets
  •     Unclaimed lost & found items
  •     Ski Team logo ski straps
  •     Slightly used ski wear items
 Special Note:
 Ski Team / uniforms & ski gear will be passed out 7:45-8:15pm to all returning racers.