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BBall Schedule for February 1-16, 2017

The basketball schedule has been updated to the Practice calendar on the Google calendar, for February 1-16, 2017.
Please note that if Var. finishes as the number one seed in the Central Division, it will receive a bye for the CHSL quarters and all 3 teams will play an away game on February 10. Otherwise Var. and JV will practice; and Var. will play in the CHSL quarters on February 11 at Riverview Gabriel Richard.

Rest of November Schedule and Other Important Information

The basketball schedule for the rest of November is below & on the Practice Calendar.
  • To access the calendar, go to the Practices tab; for specific team practice times, click on Basketball on a particular date..
There will be a Basketball Parent Meeting on Tuesday, November 22, at 6:30pm, in the cafeteria. At least one parent of each player should be present.

Updated November Schedule and Other Important Information

The schedule for the next week is on the Practice Calendar. The rest of November will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Another reminder that there will be a Parent Meeting on November 22, beginning at 6:30pm, in the cafeteria. This will an opportunity to meet the coaches, other parents, and conduct some necessary business.