Parking Lot Safety

Mercy Parents/Guardians:
Please note the following information was sent to all Mercy students in regards to driving in the parking lot before and after school.
We are asking all members of our community to please keep these safety guidelines in mind when traveling on the Mercy campus. We understand how hectic it can be before and after school with traffic, so we hope this information is helpful.
  • Please do not stop on or near the crosswalk in front of the Reception Area, this is not a drop-off area.
  • Please pull up as far as possible in front of the Flagpole Entrance so there is not a back-up of cars entering the lot from 11 Mile Road.
  • Please do not cut through lanes as a short cut to get off school premises quickly.
  • Please pull into a parking spot if the drop-off or pick-up of students is not quick.
  • Please slow down at all times while in the parking lot.
  • Please yield to the directions of the security guards before and after school.
  • Please do not exit the designated entrance on 11 Mile Road.
  • Please do not enter the designated exit on 11 Mile Road.
  • Please do not turn left into the entrance/exit on Middlebelt Road when headed south on Middlebelt Road (towards 11 Mile Rd).
  • Please do not park by the bus area in the Auditorium/Gym parking lot after school. This area is for buses only.
  • Remember the lane closest to the building as you enter and continues around to the front of the Auditorium/Gym doors is one way, traffic should only flow from south (starting at 11 Mile Rd) to north (towards 12 Mile Rd). The other lanes in either parking lot are both directions.
Thank you for your cooperation and support!



Mercy Administration