Mercy MEMO

June 2016

Wit's End . . . Notes from the Principal

You're a smarty pants. Go ahead. Admit it. You know you think so. You're a smarty pants. How do I know? I know because I am a smarty pants too. When did you first know? Was it just few years back? Oh no. Oh no. Others may have only made the discovery about you recently; you, on the other hand, knew it and had it confirmed at least by the time you finished first grade. How do I know? Well, noted author A.A. Milne said as much and wrote on behalf of you, me, and millions of others.

February 2016

Wit's End...notes from the principal

Last month, my thoughts were on heroes. This month, it's all about angels. I am not completely sure why, but I am keenly aware that there is an emerging theme that has begun. I am focused on the need for assistance in our lives. There is so much that one can offer to remedy or improve an existing hardship for another, and I truly want to keep the light on examples of such where I see them happening.