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Mercy High School was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1945 to provide a Catholic education based on holistic learning and academic excellence. It prepares young women throughout the metropolitan Detroit area for their critical roles in contemporary society. Grounded in the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy High School nurtures a living, supportive, Christian community.


Mercy High School, a Catholic college preparatory school for young women, fosters spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and cultural development. Enriched by students from diverse backgrounds, Mercy nurtures compassionate leaders committed to addressing human needs, working for justice, and serving the poor.


The Sisters of Mercy, West-Midwest Community, sponsors of Mercy High School, identify the following five values as characterizing their ministries: Human Dignity; Mercy; Justice; Service; Option for the Poor. These values inspire and challenge all at Mercy High School in the daily living of our spirit.


Mercy High School is a Catholic educational institution built on the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy. By living the Mercy Values, the Mercy High School community, in collaboration with others who share its Mission, will be recognized for excellence in preparing young women for their roles in a global society.


Patroness: Our Lady of Mercy

Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy: Venerable Catherine McAuley

Feast Mercy Day: Feast of Our Lady of Mercy on September 24

Foundation Day: Feast of the Foundation of the Sisters of Mercy on December 12

Colors: Maroon and Gold

Mascot: Marlin

Prayer: Suscipe of Catherine McAuley
My God, I am yours for time and eternity. Teach me to cast myself entirely into the arms of your loving providence, with the most lively, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity. Grant me, O most merciful Redeemer, that whatever you ordain or permit may be acceptable to me. Take from my heart all painful anxiety; suffer nothing to sadden me but sin, nothing to delight me but the hope of coming to the possession of you, my God and my all, in your everlasting kingdom.

We are Mercy High School
We’re building tomorrow with our lives today,
We're learning and growing
We are seekers of truth,
We’re proud to be called Mercy!

We are Mercy Marlins!
Holding our colors for the world to see,
Reaching for the best we can be,
We’re proud to be called Marlins!

Guided by the Spirit of Wisdom,
And guarded by the Spirit of Light,
We pledge to keep the goal of excellence
Ever in our sight.
We are Mercy High School!
We’re building tomorrow with our lives today.
Learning and growing we are seekers of truth,
We’re proud to be called: We are Mercy!
Reaching for the best we can be,
We are Mercy High!

Historical Sketch
Located at Southfield and Outer Drive in Detroit, Mercy High School first opened its doors in 1945. The Sisters of Mercy established the school to offer young women the opportunity to receive a value-centered education in an environment of academic excellence. As enrollment grew, Mercy relocated to a new and larger building in Farmington Hills in 1965. Mercy is proud of its 13,000+ alumnae throughout the world who are now making a difference.

School Year Traditions

  • Frosh Fiesta
  • Adviser Groups
  • Spirit Week
  • Homecoming
  • Ethnic Bazaar
  • Christmas Assembly
  • A-Ball
  • Auction
  • Kairos
  • Heart of Mercy
  • Sweepstakes Drive
  • Baccalaureate Mass
  • Honors Convocation
  • Moving Up
  • White Dress and Red Roses at Graduation
  • All Night Party
  • Alumnae Tea
  • Golf Outing

Meaning of the School Seal
The book symbolizes the school where moral courage (virtus) and knowledge (scientia) are fostered under the guidance and protection of Mary, Our Lady of Mercy. The lilies are Mary's coat

A Mercy student grows spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically and culturally.

▪ is academically astute
▪ learns independently
▪ thinks critically
▪ communicates effectively
▪ solves problems creatively
and analytically
▪ commits to life-long learning
▪ has a thirst for truth
▪ possesses a sense of self worth

▪ has a strong sense of integrity
▪ is a compassionate leader
▪ clarifies values
 ▪ shows respect
▪ practices social justice
▪ gives service

▪ understands her religion
▪ develops her prayer life
▪ lives her faith
▪ knows God is the center of her life
▪ is a caring person
▪ is involved in her community
▪ is comfortable with her body
▪ chooses a healthy lifestyle
▪ develops her abilities
▪ demonstrates physical fitness
▪ shows respect for all
▪ has a global perspective on life
▪ appreciates the arts
▪ values cultural diversity
▪ celebrates and learns about the cultures of others
▪ shows respect for all

A Mercy graduate is a compassionate leader committed to living the five Mercy values.

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