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XC Changes

Additions to the XC schedule:

Practice 3-5:30pm Wednesday, 9/10

Practice 3-6:30pm on Thursday, 9/11

Practice 3-5pm on Friday, 9/12

Meet on Wednesday 9/17 at 4:30pm at Maybury State Park

Updates to the 2014 CC Schedules

  • ** Practice next Friday (8/15/2014)  is from 6:30 to 8:30am not 7:30 to 9:30 **
  • The 9/9 CHSL Meet #1 is now at 4:30 not 4pm
  • The 9/22 "Scrimmage" is now the "Fall Preview Time Trial at Huron Meadows at 4pm"
  • The 9/23 CHSL Meet #2 is now at 5:15 not 4pm
  • The 9/27 "Coaches Legends invitational at Huron Metro park" should read "Coaches Legends invitational at Huron Meadows Metro park 8am"
  • The 9/28 "Scrimmage" is now the "End of Summer Classic Time Trial" at Hudson Mills Metro park at 4pm