Share Your Giving Story

"My Mercy education has been filled with more than just instruction, projects, tests, homework and assignments. It has been a journey of experiences, discovery and lessons in classroom and life."

- Tuition Assistance Recipient

There's a story behind every gift. What's yours?

Please fill out this form to share your story of why you give to Mercy High School. We may share it with others in our Mercy community on our web site and/or MOSAIC Magazine. Thanks for making a difference!

  • Be personal. Speak in the first person. Use language that's natural to you and be yourself.
  • Be brief. Keep responses to each question to 100 words or less.
  • Be positive. Talk about why you support Mercy.
  • Use photos. Personalize your Mercy story with a photo if you choose.

Please include a high resolution photo of yourself, preferably that shows you involved in your philanthropy.
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